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Hi, I'm John (he/him pronouns are okay) - otherwise, you might know me online as meta or eigenform.

This is my own little corner of the internet, mostly used for sharing my own research, technical content, interesting things I've learned, or any of my other output that I'm particularly happy with.

If you need to contact me, feel free to reach out on Twitter/Mastodon/Bluesky!

A little bit about me

I'm a hacker and engineer, formally educated in security and computer science. I love playing with systems, ideas, and language. Most of the work I do professionally involves:

  • Reverse engineering and binary analysis
  • Understanding hardware and software running close-to-the-metal
  • Reasoning about security in various domains
  • Writing software for Linux platforms

I also spend a lot of my free time working on open-source software, and on other personal projects. Some of my more-particular interests include:

  • Working on independent security research
  • Learning about microarchitecture and hardware
  • Playing with my microscope
  • Writing emulators for machines I'm interested in
  • Writing homebrew software for old game consoles

Apart from work, I'm really into music, coffee, games, and art!